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Research: Japanese Landing Page for Vancouver Island University


To connect with potential international students, a leading Canadian university aimed to engage the Japanese market specifically. The strategy involved developing a custom landing page tailored to the preferences and expectations of Japanese students. This case study outlines the preparatory steps for designing a user-friendly Japanese landing page and the anticipated outcomes of this project.

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The primary objective was establishing a meaningful bridge between the university and potential Japanese students.

The goals were set to:

  • Enhance the institution’s visibility and appeal to the Japanese audience
  • Provide relevant information tailored to the interests of Japanese students
  • Create an online platform optimized for Japanese UX/UI design standards that instill a sense of familiarity and trust


The main challenge was crafting a landing page that communicated in Japanese and reflected the cultural nuances and design expectations unique to the Japanese online landscape. Another hurdle was ensuring the content’s accuracy and relevance to effectively engage the target audience.

Pre-Launch Strategy

To prepare for the launch of the Japanese landing page, the following strategic steps were taken:

  1. Research and Localization:
    An in-depth analysis of competitors in the Japanese market and local cultural preferences was carried out. The goal was to localize the landing page content to ensure cultural relevance and resonance, beyond mere translation.
  2. Design Customization:
    Insights from the research informed the UX/UI design process, aiming for a clean, simple aesthetic in line with Japanese web design preferences. The site was also optimized for mobile responsiveness, considering Japan’s significant mobile user base.
  3. Content Development Strategy:
    The university utilized market research insights to craft content showcasing programs appealing to Japanese students and stories of successful Japanese alumni.
  4. Analytics Setup:
    Preparation included setting up comprehensive tracking and analytics to monitor visitor behavior post-launch and gather data for ongoing optimization.

Expected Outcomes

Anticipated outcomes of launching the Japanese landing page include:

  • An increase in web engagement from Japanese visitors highlights a strong interest from this demographic.
  • Improved time spent on the landing page, indicating higher content engagement.
  • Lower bounce rates, showing greater relevance and appreciation of the design.


The preparation phase underscored the importance of addressing regional market potential through dedicated research and localization efforts. The project emphasized that language and cultural customization in design and content are crucial for engaging international students digitally.


The strategy to create a country-specific landing page for Japanese students is poised to enhance connections with prospective students from Japan. This case illustrates the benefits of market research and localization efforts in delivering relevant user experiences to international audiences, setting a benchmark for educational institutions looking to expand their global reach.

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